Every cyclist knows that when he/she rides his/her bike, it is not enough to have head, heart and legs, you also need the best technical clothing that can bring the maximum performance.

This is how CENTA was created: by sportsmen, for sportsmen. No one knows better than us the needs of cyclists because, whether they are amateurs or professionals, the goal is always to give the maximum, in any condition.

We dedicated ourselves to a dream with passion. Even if it took some time, several tests, many prototypes and many athletes at our side, in the end we reached our goal; creating a line of technical clothing to satisfy the most demanding cyclists at 360 degrees. We didn’t stop at the best technical performance, we wanted much more because every CENTA garment is a union of technology, style and above all quality of ‘’Made in Italy’’.



Our bibs, shirts and accessories have been tested by several athletes even in the most extreme conditions of training and racing to create a line of products capable of giving you the maximum result without any compromise. It could not remain a dream, it had to become a reality and so it was, thanks to the support of the latest technologies and cutting-edge fabrics, carefully chosen according to every need.


The structure of the bib and its fabric have been designed to support the muscles during sports the performance by: stabilizing them, eliminating chafing and reducing fatigue during intense efforts. The quadriceps muscles seem to be wrapped in a second skin that protects them from vibration and accompanies them in pushing on the pedals. The lower elastic force of the fabric is accentuated in the return of the pedal itself upwards and results in a reduction of muscle fatigue. Thanks to a real movement of the fabric that follows that of the legs, the performance is brought to the maximum with every pedal stroke.

The entire bib short has been studied during the cyclist’s position on the saddle to leave nothing to chance. The fabric itself has different densities, depending on its functionality; the seams in the pelvic area and the positioning of the pad, have been analyzed and tested to ensure maximum muscle support and total freedom of movement during the performance, reducing the pressure in sensitive areas.

Like the rest of the bib shorts, the suspenders were calibrated to your riding position. We wanted them light and with reduced elasticity in the rear area, in combination with the X-panel, in order to stabilize both the pad and the shorts, while riding and to avoid chafing in the most intense performances.

The suspenders interact with each other through the X-junction on the back with low elasticity, which is made of soft, perforated and breathable material. In this way, the overalls remain stable but without chafing because the tensions are distributed respecting the harmony of body movements. Combined with the compact ladder proof fabric, the suspenders create compression zones to support the lumbar and gluteal muscles.

The seams have been minimized and positioned to create a functional dungaree with a clean, minimalist design. To increase comfort in the abdomen area, we applied a soft, ultra-lightweight fabric insert.

A special soft touch treatment at the yarn level. In addition to making the fabric soft and pleasant in contact with the skin, it contributes to the aerodynamics.

FIR (Far Infrared Rays) technology has been applied inside the fabrics. During sports performance a part of the human body heat is dissipated, another part is filtered through the bioactive minerals and naturally rejected back to the surface layer of the skin in the form of harmless and imperceptible FIR (far infrared rays), which stimulate the superficial blood microcirculation resulting in improved athletic performance and accelerated muscle recovery. This is a patented technology, scientifically tested through international protocols and recognized, conducted by independent laboratories. Incorporated into the fiber, it maintains its effectiveness, even after numerous washings.

Our pads have been designed after careful studies of the anatomy of the human body with particular focus on comfort. We have analyzed the points of contact and pressure with the saddle, namely the ischial-perineal area, on people with different anatomical conformation and in various conditions of sports performance: during training, competition, medium and long distances and on routes with different characteristics.

This has allowed us to develop pads with a three-dimensional construction, consisting of various levels of thickness of ultralight breathable foam with an open cell structure, variable density and memory, in collaboration with the ‘’Italian Cytech (Elastic interface) ’’. The foams have been appropriately distributed on a single thermoformed piece, according to the points of friction and pressure with the saddle. While pedaling, these foams absorb the shocks and energy exerted on the perineal area, compressing and recovering their original shape.

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