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For the most demanding athletes who want the maximum in performance, muscle support, gradual compression and muscle recovery we created Competition Bib Shorts. An ultra minimal design bib short with an extra tight fit and an ultra compact 4 density hybrid cell pad.

Weight 159 g – 5,6 oz (size M)

Our rider is 182 cm tall and wears a MEDIUM size.
For more information see the size guide.

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We had a dream and after years of research and testing in extreme conditions, we made it come true. CENTA bib shorts are Made in Italy and are the result of several studies and prototypes that have led us to find the right balance between shapes, patterns, fibers and fabrics.
The value of the CENTA garments lies in the Italian manufacture, which in addition to guaranteeing a recognized level of quality, has allowed us to tailor-make every last detail. It is the direct relationship between the test athletes, engineers, designers and the production laboratory that has been imperative. Each prototype was tested on athletes with different physical characteristics and in the most varied climatic conditions before reaching its goal.
To guarantee maximum quality, we wanted every single element of the bib shorts to be proprietary: the fiber, the fabric, the panels, the braces, the pad: everything is Made in Italy and constructed according to our formulas.
Continuous research and development allows us to update CENTA garments with the latest technologies and fabrics to ensure maximum comfort, functionality and performance without ever neglecting the design.

Soft touch anti-friction ribbons have been added to the edges on the waistband.

Laser cut leg bottoms that guarantee aerodynamics and comfort. The ultra-light silicone soft grip inserts in support of the ladder proof fabric keeping the bibs steady during cycling without creating discomfort, creases and chafing.

To increase the visibility and the safety, reflective logos and other elements placed on the back of the leg have been added.

For added aerodynamics, we made the leg slightly longer than traditional bib shorts.

Like the rest of the bib shorts, the bib straps have been calibrated to your riding position. We wanted them to be light and with reduced elasticity in the rear area in combination with the X-Panel to stabilize both the pad and the shorts during cycling and to avoid chafing during intense performance. This model features antibacterial-anti-odor silver threads placed on the inner side to maintain a clean, minimal design. The conductive ability of the silver distributes heat along the fibers, dissipating sweat and heat and decreasing the drying time.

The braces interact with each other through the X-junction on the back with low elasticity made of soft, perforated and breathable material. In this way the bib tights remain stable but without chafing because the tensions are distributed respecting the harmony of the body’s movements. Combined with the ladder-proof compact fabric, the braces create compression zones to support the lumbar and gluteal muscles.

Main  51% Polyamide   48% Elastane   1% Silver
Insert  77% Polyamide   23% Elastane


The fabric is equipped with a protection factor that protects against UV rays (UPF 50+).


Our pads have been designed after careful studies of the anatomy of the human body with a particular focus on comfort. We have analyzed the contact and pressure points with the saddle, i.e. the ischial-perineal area, on people with different anatomical conformation and in the most varied conditions of sporting performance: during training, competition, medium and long distances and on routes with different characteristics. This has allowed us to develop, in collaboration with the Italian company Cytech (Elastic Interface), pads with a three-dimensional construction, consisting of various levels of thickness of ultralight foam with an open cell structure, breathable, variable density and with memory. A single thermoformed piece on which the foams have been suitably distributed according to the points of friction and pressure with the saddle. When pedaling, these foams absorb the shocks and energy exerted on the perineal area by compressing and recovering their original shape.



The competition pad of our line is the most compact in terms of footprint, and is ideal for those who want maximum performance and muscle recovery. Its particular structure improves blood flow and reduces pressure in the perineal area, cushioning shocks and micro-vibrations. The stability and the fit on the saddle are guaranteed by the anatomical construction consisting of a central channel specific for the male anatomy, gradual transition areas on the surface and four different densities. All layers are breathable, in hybrid cell foam that channels and expels excess sweat. This new type of foam has a unique elastic recovery that quickly returns to its original shape after being compressed, and a density so high that it is extremely thin, light and wear resistant.
The first high-density layer is spread over the entire pad. The second one is laser-perforated for ventilation and the medium density one, overlaps the first, protecting the ischial area. The last layer of medium density instead adds to the first in the perineal area.
The whole is covered with a bacteriostatic fabric with integrated carbon thread made of recycled polyamides and polyesters that work on different levels to reduce the points of the contact surface in favor of micro-channels for air circulation. With this technology, the skin is protected from overheating without sacrificing comfort because the softer polyamide, remains on the surface preventing chafing and irritation while the polyester, at the lower level, allows better management of the sweat. Both materials feature a hydrophilic treatment to support moisture wicking.


The structure of the bib and fabric has been designed to support the muscles during sporting performance by stabilizing them, eliminating chafing and reducing fatigue during intense effort. The quadriceps muscles are wrapped in a second skin that protects them from vibrations and accompanies them when pushing on the pedals. The reduced elastic force of the fabric is accentuated in the return of the pedal itself upwards and results in a reduction in muscle fatigue. Thanks to a real movement of the fabric that follows that of the legs, performance is taken to the maximum with every pedal stroke.


CENTA logos are printed black on black, with no embossing to avoid compromising aerodynamics and minimal design.


The entire set of bib shorts has been studied during the rider’s riding position to leave nothing to chance. The fabric itself has different densities depending on its functionality:
the seams in the pelvic area and the positioning of the pad have been analyzed and tested to ensure maximum muscular support and total freedom of movement during performance, reducing pressure in sensitive areas.


The seams have been reduced to a minimum and positioned to create functional bib shorts with a clean, minimalist design. To increase comfort in the abdominal area, we have applied a soft, ultra-light fabric addition.

The fabric of the bib shorts is ladder-proof, high-density, ultra-light, breathable, aerodynamic and antibacterial, which neutralizes odors. This is not the knitted fabric found in the most common sportswear garments, whose elasticity is due to the yielding of the knitted fabric itself, but a higher-performance fabric with a solid structure, constant and homogeneous elasticity on all 4 sides due to the weaving of high-fine yarns. It is an anti-pilling material, resistant to tearing and abrasion, especially in the saddle area, which keeps its characteristics intact over time.

Is an ultra-light, compact fabric with medium-high compression suitable for the most demanding cyclists in terms of performance and recovery of dissipated energy. A hidden silver thread is inserted in the yarn.

Inside the overalls, in the muscular area, a silver thread has been inserted, known for its antibacterial, antistatic and conductive properties. On the one hand, it protects the muscles from electromagnetic interference, on the other hand, it has the property of distributing the heat throughout the fabric without creating areas of accumulation and facilitating the outside dissipation of the sweat. This wire has been inserted in the inner part for a functional reason but also aesthetically to make it externally invisible. Compared to carbon, the silver wire has a higher thermal conductivity.

Managing the thermoregulation is a key aspect of sports performance, so after numerous tests in extreme weather and sweating conditions, we identified the most suitable three-dimensional fabric structure that would allow the sweat to be transferred outside from the skin. However, this was not enough as the high density of the fabric, necessary for muscle support and compression, tended to accumulate too much sweat, slowing down air drying. So we added a water repellent treatment at the yarn level that allowed us to speed up the transfer of sweat from the skin to the outside, through the fibers, ensuring breathability, dissipating heat, excessive sweat and related weight. Equally important properties due to this treatment are light rain protection and quick drying.

The “second skin” that wraps the quadriceps muscle is characterized by an intrinsic compression structure along the entire circumference that gives greater stability. Compression bands with fibers at different levels of density have been distributed in the leg tube: they are narrower at the bottom near the knee and gradually widening at the top. This “funnel” structure has a comfortable fit that promotes blood circulation and reduces fatigue. The design is not compromised because the bands are completely invisible and are only seen by the most experienced eye in counter light.


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